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come join us for hiking, healing, journaling, self care, meditation and friendship



Past Events
Thank you ladies for a wonderful day! May 2016

Thanks to Allnutt - for the 'Forget me Knot' blankets, Kansas City Kitty, Happy Lucky's Tea, Nuance Chocolates, Hope Heals Counseling, Jan Lakota for the Zentagle, Cheryl Kagan for your healing yoga, Cheryl Nelson and Pathways Hospice for the drums and drumming circle and Tina Deringer for making this very special day possible!


Thank you to these lovely mothers who showed up in 2015 during a blizzard and helped make this first event of many more to come so successful!


3Hopeful Hearts is a support organization that provides grief companionship to families after the loss of a child. Though we do not provide psychotherapy or counseling, we do collaborate with the professional community as part of our advocacy model.

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