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Grief is such a journey, a complicated twisting path with so many ups and downs. Hopefully, you never have to travel the path alone. And there are moments throughout that journey where you will want to honor those you have lost. This can seem like an overwhelming task when you first look at it. You may feel that you can’t even begin to think about how, much less the logistics. On top of that, you may wonder if you are doing it “right” or the “best” way. 

Any honor you choose to pay your loved one is right and is best. You should release that worry immediately. You can choose to visit sites that they enjoyed and take time to remember them at each spot. You can have over family and friends for a dinner or lunch where everyone shares something they remember. You can write a letter to your loved one, telling them everything you wish you could express. Then you can choose to keep that letter, or perhaps release it in some way.

However, maybe you wish to do something that can raise awareness about how your loss occurred or even to raise money to support a group that you want to give back to in their memory. We have 5 simple event ideas that you can organize without a lot of stress. And remember to reach out to your family and friend support network – they will not only be happy to help, but will want to help, and many of them may have skills you never knew about! 

  1. Have an online or community garage sale: neighborhoods love to rally together and have garage sales. The money collected can be donated to a favorite charity or event. 
  2. Pledge your child’s birthday: online social media makes it very easy to choose to donate to a cause. Spread the word to your group that you want a donation instead of “stuff” and see how they rally around you. 3Hopeful Hearts is now hosting “House Hearts” where you can honor your child’s birthday by giving a donation to support the home and expenses of 3 Hopeful Hearts.
  3. Host a community run or yard game tournament: post to your neighborhood network or put our yard signs (old school!) and get them to rally around you. 
  4. Do a 50/50 draw with your coworkers, friends, neighbors, etc.: This is where you collect a determined amount of “donated” money from each participant. You also fill out a ticket for them and place that into a “draw box”. At the end of the collection period, you then draw a name and that person wins ½ of the amount collected, while the other half goes to your pre-designated charity or nonprofit or event. 
  5. Partner with a local gym and host a workout class: plenty of gyms would love the chance to help support you and your family. Ask them to host one of their classes (spin, yoga, weights, burn, etc.) in honor of your child’s memory and they will take it from there. They advertise, they post to social media, etc. 

3Hopeful Hearts helps people create honoring events by providing support material if needed: Opportunities to Honor and Give

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