Friends of bereaved parents have incredible power to help throughout the grieving journey. Friends can offer objectivity that family members often cannot. Friends can encourage expression of the wide range of emotions experienced after a perinatal loss or a child loss.

Losing a child is unlike any other grief. It is a long-term, exhausting endeavor. Never expect the parent to “be over it” in a few weeks or months. They are going to need support in varying degrees for years. There is nothing that anyone can do to “fix” them. They will never be the same. With love and support and much time, they can emerge as beautifully broken souls. They will look at their world through different eyes. They will reflect upon and cherish the people who stood by their side and they may push away those who didn’t. They will never get tired of telling the same stories and they will need someone to patiently listen. Bereaved parents feel validated when friends remember important days and openly speak about their child.