Grief Companion Support for Those Impacted By the Death of a Baby or Child


3Hopeful Hearts is dedicated to providing parents and families support after the loss of a child.
Our mission: 3Hopeful Hearts provides bereaved parents and families opportunities to honor, find hope, and seek healing through grief companionship. 

Our goal is to support and companion anyone impacted by the death of a child. Early bereavement support results in healthy grieving and healthier families who feel less isolated during their grief journey. Connecting parents and youth to others who have experienced a similar loss is healing for all. Research shows that those who have grief support early in their loss, and those who feel they are supported by family, peers, and employers, are better able to effectively learn and use coping skills.

We are here for you whether you have had a recent loss or a loss years ago.
It is never too soon or too late to seek support.  
3Hopeful Hearts provides services that are free of charge to anyone in our community.
We cannot change what has happened, but our hope is that we can have a positive impact on your healing journey.

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Center for Hope Capital Campaign

3Hopeful Hearts is looking to secure a permanent facility that will allow them to continue to support the current and growing bereavement needs of Northern Colorado. Their goal is to raise $600,000 through community donations. To date, they have raised $240,000 against this goal.



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